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. and then the same disease and the same chaos happened in benghazi. the brigade was attacked. people in the bank buys a have forgotten that the revolution that started their -- people have forgotten what the revolution people have done to those who betrayed the country. that is in the past. they should remember that. people in the gaza, we had people there, we trained people there to defend benghazi. the attack -- attacked the unit. there was exchange of fire. and then we asked people to hand over arms. we have asked them to hand over arms to people and let them defend themselves. and what we have seen is the state of benghazi turned into chaos. people could not move. but they said a protests. -- set up a protest. they wanted to set up demonstrations in support of revolutions and they couldn't, and the whole world was watching. they took over benghazi radio and in the jihad radio instead. an isolated town. as you know, a former guantanamo inmate appointed himself as the leader and every day he is executing people from their, like a czar, we used to do in iraq. -- like zarqawi used to do in iraq. usin
the stronghold of benghazi. our correspondent ian panel has sent this report on their progress. >> the road to as dab by bears witness to the devastating fire power of the coalition. it's pockmarked with the remains of colonel gaddafi's forces. they've come to take benghazi, the cradle of what they call a revolution here. but they were no match for the french jets that came. the coalition says all this is not about regime change. but what happened probably saved benghazi in the east. it rescued the rebellion from collapse. and it handed the most crucial of things to the opposition, momentum. families flocked out of benghazi to rebels in the wreckage. jubilant and optimistic, not just that they're safe, but that they have some very powerful friends on their side. the road between benghazi and as derbya is littered like this. they have been hit by french fighter jets in the early start of this no-fly zone. the truth is that colonel gaddafi's forces have not gone away and the cease fire that he declared appears meaningless. >> this is the final stretch where the rebels have been trying to adva
reversal of fortunes. troops loyal to colonel gaddafi are in rapid retreat from benghazi. in effect, under the cover of allied air strikes, they pushed forward to one city 100 miles from benghazi, in only a the rebels have immense new hope they can overcome the might of colonel gaddafi fell -- colonel gaddafi's military. the u.n. security council does not authorize the overthrow of colonel gaddafi, but it is becoming the means by which the rebel forces are seeking to overthrow him. as air strikes by the allies provide air cover for a rebel advances, it will look to many like regime changed by the back door. also a propaganda war. the dow the regime is working hard to prove that regime change is the real aim of the air strikes. >> we have been talking to people out on the streets in tubruk here today. they are saying they were delighted with the allied air strikes. they say there weren't late, but not too late. there were very fearful of for the airstrikes. they were afraid that pro- gaddafi forces would take benghazi and that's tubruk, too would fall. they want their rebel forces to push o
of benghazi. that's the second largest city. it is the center of the opposition. they also report explosions and tank movements in the areas. the most immediate events, of course, are happening right now in libya, and they are moving fast in that rebel stronghold of benghazi. what do we know? and what do we not yet really fully appreciate of what's happening? first the explosions were heard around the time that that fighter jet was shot down. and our cnn team tells us in benghazi they've seen tanks and artillery rounds in several locations in and around the city. these latest events come just seven or eight hours after the libyan government told cnn it was observing u.n.-ordered cease-fire, which do not know if opposition or government forces. arwa damon is our correspondent who is in benghazi. we have much ground to cover. let's begin first of all with the current situation, the bombardment or the shelling that is taking place. is it still under way? >> as far as we are aware, richard, yes, it is still under way. gaud if i forces appear to have begun their assault on the city. we saw large
civilians, our coalition is prepared to act and act with urgency. >> the latest from benghazi shows tanks approaching the city have stopped as thick, black smoke rises from the rebel stronghold. with me right now from cairo, egypt is nbc's richard engel. richard, from your perspective, from your vantage point, how optimistic is the arab world that they can stop the violence toward civilians in libya? >> this is a, you have to understand what's going on in libya in the context of the wider middle east. the middle east is going through an incredible period of flux with revolts and uprisings and revolutions from north africa stretching all the way to the arabian peninsula. all arab governments are in the cross hairs right now, very unpopular with their people. there have been successful revolutions here in egypt and tunisia by participating in this offensive, by participating on the side of the libyan people arab governments in a way are deflecting attention away from themselves and trying to show to their own people that they are supporting innocent civilians. they are supporting those who
against civilians. >> reporter: he claimed that the city of benghazi in the hands of the opposition, was full of people waiting for the gadhafis to come back. people in benghazi are cheering this resolution because they're afraid of your father's forces. >> of course not. we are receiving on our tv every day hundreds of calls from benghazi, every day people are crying, please, come and liberate us from this nightmare, from these terrorists. people are not happy there. >> reporter: tonight, in benghazi, they are celebrating. overjoyed that the united nations has finally voted to impose a no-fly zone over the territory and the freedom they are fighting for. >> this resolution demands an immediate cease-fire and a complete end to violence and attacks against civilians. >> reporter: this evening, the u.n. security council voted in favor of a resolution that could take all measures necessary to protect civilians. >> translator: the resolution is adopted. >> reporter: it's a move that the forces opposed to libyan leader moammar gadhafi have been begging the international community for for
a history dating back 2,500 years. benghazi. they have begun airstrikes in anticipation of what we expect to be a brutal attack using air, land and sea forces. gaddafi has publicly promised that every home will be searched and that there will be no mercy and no pity shown. if we want any sense of what that might mean we only have to look at what happened in zawiyah where tanks and heavy weaponry were used to smash through a heavily populated town with heavy loss of life. and we don't have to guess what happens when he has subdued a population. human rights watch have catalogued the appalling human rights abuses that are being committed in tripoli. now the people of eastern libya are faced with the same treatment. mr. speaker, that is the demonstrable need. >> hear, hear. >> second, regional support. there must be a clear wish from the people of libya and the wider region for international action. through the transitional first to call for protection from air attack through a no fly zone. more recently, the arab league have made the same demand. mr. speaker, it really has been remarkable h
fired on a libyan military vehicle in benghazi. there had been of course the warning from the french president sarkozy that french planes were flying in the air over benghazi and that would prevent any war plane or tank or military vehicle from firing and killing civilians inside benghazi. now, this morning gadhafi's forces pushed and punched through the defenses set up by the rebels in the southwestern part and approach to benghazi despite all of the declarations made by gadhafi's government that there would be no more military operations after yesterday, friday, that there would be a cease-fire immediately. it turned out today was an extremely deadly day because of attacks by pro-gadhafi forces in the rebel capital. hospital sources saying at least 26 individuals were killed, at least 40 wounded in today's fighting. at this time forces now seem to have pulled back to the outskirts of benghazi but it's not at all clear whether that was in reaction to this no fly zone or whether it was the usual tactic used by pro gadhafi forces to punch in and then retreat only to go forward again a
. what is the condition of the rebel force, entirely benghazi? >> reporter: the rebel force is very weak in benghazi and across the country. what happened was the rebels advanced very quickly, took benghazi almost by surprise and then as they were riding this wave of enthusiasm, they decided to leave their strong hold benghazi. they went out to places like ajdabiya, they entered the open desert and overextended their supply lines. they got chopped back by forces. they have now once again consolidated in benghazi and hoping with air cover with this no-fly zone that they can regain momentum and topple gadhafi's gualooem why were they shooting shots of celebration in the air when they heard of the u.n. vote? >> reporter: well, they think that this u.n. vote levels the playing field right now, that gadhafi's forces won't be able to carry out a massacre. they were people any benghazi, and there have been every night terriified that tonight is going to be the night that there will be some sort of chemical attack, that there will be a massive artillery attack, an air raid and that the internati
said he was stabbed by libyan police. he described the streets as frightingly quiet. benghazi is controlled by the opposition. the libyan government claim there is is no real uprising against gadhafi. they continue to claim a few dozen terrorists in each city are holding the populations hostage and claim they have never fired on libyan civilians. they say they've only killed foreigners attacking government forces. tonight, new video to show you to show that those government claims are false. this was taken sunday in tripoli, reportedly near the market. it appears to show protesters armed only with rocks and sticks being shot. [ gunfire ] >> to regroup and try to move forward. they start to use that truck as cover, moving forward towards the people shooting at them. again, they seem to only have rocks and sticks. no guns that we can see. remember, the regime denies that any libyan civilians have been shot. another new piece of video. we can't confirm where it was taken, but it appears to show protesters being fired upon. some of the protesters have rocks and sticks, perhaps kni
against civilians must stop. gaddafi must stop his troops from advancing on benghazi. he must pull them back from misurata and established water, gas, and electricity supplies to all areas. humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach the people of libya. let me be clear. these terms are not negotiable. >> in the libyan capital of tripoli, there is dismay and anger at the u.n. decision. many see the rebellion as a criminal enterprise supported by foreign powers that aim to ponder libya's oil. >>. two libya's now -- mirror opposites. in benghazi, the vote was a moment of joy. they felt rescued from the coming onslaught. they celebrated with their signature emblem, the flag of the old libyan kingdom. the other libya is that of colonel gaddafi. they want the world to think this is not a popular uprising of the criminal enterprise by gangsters who have tricked and enslaved the people of the east. he told benghazi that they were coming, prepare yourselves. to those who resist, we will show no mercy. benghazi ignored it and placed its trust instead in foreign intervention. from tripoli, t
cease-fire and a complete end to attacks against civilians. >> as libyan forces close in on benghazi, gaddafi says his army will show no mercy. celebration and fireworks in benghazi as news reaches the rebels. in japan, engineers at the foot fishing the dai-ichi power plant lay new power plants that should be keeping the core cool. -- engineers at the fukishima power plant late new power lines to keep the for cool. the u.n. security council has approved a resolution for the creation of a no-fly zone to protect civilians in libya from attacks by colonel gaddafi's forces. the resolution calls for all necessary measures but it rules out the use of foreign ground troops. there were five abstentions including china and russia. french officials have said that military action could begin within hours although britain has cautioned against that suggestion. >> there was no opposition to the plan that britain, france, and lebanon had presented. significantly, both russia and china were among the five countries to abstain. afterwards, britain made clear why the government felt they had to act.
and denies harming peaceful demonstrators. >> translator: there is no demonstration in benghazi. these groups came from underground and attacked these police stations and barracks. >> that's his explanation. no demonstrations of any kind. no libyans hurt. night after night, you've heard from residents telling a different story. we've shown you numerous videos of protesters being fired on. some have rocks and sticks. most appear unarmed. we've seen many dead bodies of libyans shot in the streets. this is protesters marching with the body of someone killed in the far east of libya. they were on their way to a funeral, coming under fire apparently from forces at that point still loyal to gadhafi, men in military uniforms. watch. between them and the cemetery, a hail of bullets. there you see some protesters throwing rocks. in a moment, you'll see the camera pan over showing troops in government uniforms. again, gadhafi says do not believe your eyes. these are foreign mercenaries or al qaeda or drug crazed teenagers attacking the authorities. anything but what you see on the screen. also, new vid
that no fly zone. the rebel position in that strong hold of benghazi. gaddafi forces made efforts to get inside, sending in at points tank and artillery, taking a pounding. the city of 700,000 people, many trying to clear to the east. will gaddafi's forces advance inside of the city? or will they remain in outskirts? third thing to keep an eye on is gaddafi himself, you see him on tv and in front of cameras and over last few days, last night his statement was on and by television. and does that speak to his lack of communications? or does it speak to the fact he could be in hiding somewhere? will he turn up? so really several things to keep an eye on as dawn begins here. how effective were the strikes? where are the rebels now? are they moving out? and gaddafi himself, will he appear in geraldo, back to you. >> geraldo: steve, in tripoli. keep it up, mate. we'll check back with you. how big is the u.s. military commitment? who is running the show? we've got just the person to answer those crucial questions. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon what. do you know? tell us about it. >> well,
on benghazi, forces loyal to muammar gaddafi say they're closing in on the biggest rebel stronghold. and in a crackdown in bahrain, dozens of protesters are injured as the army move in on their base in the capital. >> it's a chilly thursday morning here in tokyo where the crisis triggered by last week's earthquake and tsunami unfolds on so many levels. the official death toll now tands at 4 are, 500. -- 4,500. half a million are homeless. two million or more have lost power. then of course there is the unfolding nuclear drama, the fukushima nuclear plant north of here where the situation is fluid to say the least. yesterday there were a number of setbacks, a new fire breaking out, and this morning we've had word from the power tp that they are close, as they put it, to restoring the electrically powered generators that operate the cooling system. if that were to be the case, that would be good news because so is far all the 0 -- other options of trying to cool down the reactors have failed. here in tokyo the situation is is relatively calm but there is unease about rising radiation
benghazi and we will have them there for on a 24/7 basis. move that to the west and he hasn't flown any aircraft for the last two days. the whole goal here is to get it in place. two, be in a position so that he is unable to massacre his own civilians and that we effect the humanitarian support. from that standpoint, the initial operations have been very effective. >> besides the u.s. britain and france countries taking part in the libyan operation include italy, spain, canada, and qatr. >> gadhafi vowed to fight back what he calls terrorists attacking his country. >> we be victorious. we will achieve victory on behalf of the people. we have allah with us. have you the devil on your side. >> he called coalition nation it is new nazis and promised a, quote, long drawn war. >> nic robertson is in the libyan capital of tripoli. so, nic, gadhafi sounding very defiant. what are people saying? at least standing his ground. what are people there saying? >> reporter: well, the supporters are rallying behind him. and certainly the effort he's trying to do here is to sort of cast this as sort of
come to's benghazi. he delivers a radio message. >> we are coming on this happy day. tomorrow, benghazi will change and there will again be a fun, dance, and cries of joy. >> has japanese nuclear engineers battle to prevent a disaster, there is no let up. half a million people made homeless by friday's earthquake and tsunami. more supplies are reaching survivors. many still lack basic necessities. dozens of the evacuation centers have been set up. thousands were forced to flee from the nuclear exclusion zone. >> they come seeking refuge. fleeing tradition of's nuclear plant -- fukushima's nuclear plant and carrying what is most precious to them. there is a chance for radiation. more than 1000 have arrived here already. there are reunions. exhaustion and relief. this family was just 5 miles from the damaged reactor. as they made it here, the fuel in their car was running out. on the map, the red zone is the highest in danger. my son's house is there. >> all i can do is pray to god and say, please let this and soon. that way, i can still go home. if there is a meltdown like chernobyl, i m
says there will be no mercy. hi did your father continue the attacks in benghazi? why didn't he have a cease fire? >> our people went to begaz zi to liberate benghazi. >> the militia there? >> my question is, there is now missile strikes and an air attack against libya. will colonel gadhafi step down? will he step aside? >> step aside, why? i mean, to step -- again, there's a big misunderstanding. the whole country is unitied against the armed militia. the americans and other countries, you are supporting the terrorists and the militia. >> will there be retaliation on other targets around europe? >> this is not our target. our target is how to help our people in libya, especially ben zb benghazi. we're living a nightmare. they have no freedom under the rule of the mill lish kra. we turnlg noerns go there themselves and help our people there. or let us help our breers in benghazi. one day, you'll wake up and find you are supporting the wrong people. it's like the wmd in iraq. it's another story. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> that's the view from the gadhafis in libya.
on the ground, have struck, killed, and taken out their vehicles on the road to benghazi. we are fighting from the air as the civil war rages on the ground and the united states and its allies have entered a third war. the u.n. security council holding a closed door meeting on the crisis if libya as forces launch a second wave of attacks and now muammar qaddafi has turned to desperate tactics. he now is using civilians and downlists as human shields, we're told. british sources confirm to fox news they dropped two of seven missiles on qaddafi's tripoli compound and had to call off the strike after cnn and reuters news crews arrived. a libyan official went to the hotel where the journalists were staying and asked them to come see the damage and using them to prevent another airstrike. we're told war planes were minutes away from launch when they had to abort. the government spokesman also confirmed reports that qaddafi is using civilians for the same purr. families. children. men and women. they have come from everywhere to stay and protect this location. >> he called it "voluntary," human shie
this morning at first light, my team and i traveled from the city of tobruk to the city of benghazi. the heart of this rebellion against this mercurial dictator moammar gadhafi. america and its al lies have vowed to protect the people here. the city was deserted. there were roadblocks everywhere. almost no one in the streets. the shops were shuttered. four days ago gadhafi vowed to level benghazi. "we are coming. we are looking for the traitors," he said "and shall have no mercy or compassion. "it's been terrifying the last few days," this man told us. as the day went on, the crowds grew, by late afternoon a rally of hundreds had formed. after days of attack the people of benghazi are back out on the streets not just celebrating but leaving benghazi heading west taking the fight to the gadhafi forces. their message, they welcome the international air strikes. women came out to join the men on the streets. celebrating the operation. "if the rebel, the british and the americans will not kill him, the women of libya will fight gadhafi forces," this woman said. more than 600 miles away in tripoli,
the troubling reports of fighting around and within benghazi itself. as president obama said, we have every reason to fear left uncheck gaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities. >> kelly: secretary of state hillary clinton. molly henneberg is joining us live from washington the. and holly, how does secretary clinton describe. >> she didn't give military details, she is the top diplomate. and further delay on libya will put the civilians at risk and the u.s. will support national military efforts to prevent gaddafi from attacking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners without further violence against civilians. including through the effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama says, the united states will not deploy ground troops. but there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> reporter: secretary clinton is at an emergency summit. 22 european, north american and leaders and diplomates to get everyone on the same page how to enforce the united nations r
the tsunami. >> libya has said that its troops will not enter or attack benghazi. rebels say they have come under fire, while further west there has also been fighting. reports of new fighting in the east of the country came as britain, france, the united states and arab countries all issued a joint ultimatum to libya posole leader. we begin our coverage from tripoli -- libya's leader. we begin our coverage from aaa. >> you cannot take to the streets of tripoli without encountering a crowd like this. theirs is the only view you here. an attack on colonel gaddafi is an attack on libya itself. it is akin to treason. they are mystified that the united nations cannot see that. >> what about the united nations? >> i hate the united nations. i hate britain. i hate france. i love libya. i love libya only. >> we are ready to give our lives for muammar gaddafi and for libya. >> the more intense fighting becomes, the more intense their loyalty to gaddafi. >> when they speak of the international community, they speak in different towns. >> the vote last night at the un has changed this conflict. it au
-long uprising. the fall of ajdabiyah would open a gateway to benghazi, the major city in the east. protesters there put on a brave face today, at a rally against qaddafi's rule. at similar demonstrations this week, many insistethey would not surrender. >> we die for benghazi, even if he comes to inside benghazi here, it will be war. >> brown: closer to tripoli, the qaddafi's fighters also blasted rebels today in misrata, after retaking zawiyah in a bloody battle last week. meanwhile, the u.n. security council discussed imposing a no- fly zone on qaddafi's air force. but the libyan leader's son saif al-islam said it would do no good. >> ( translated ): military operations are over. within 48 hours, everything will be finished. our forces are almost in benghazi. whatever the decision, it will be too late. >> brown: meanwhile, secretary of state clinton in egypt today said she hopes for a u.n. vote on an international response no later than tomorrow. also today, the "new york times" reported four of its journalists are missing in libya. they disappeared tuesday while covering the rebels' retreat
, rick? >>reporter: uma, the help can't come soon enough for the people of benghazi and lib yampt al-gaddafi's army began to move in on benghazi and shelling citizens there. we witnessed it for ourselves. shells landed within a couple yards of the hotel that housed journalist in benghazi. we saw al-gaddafi's tanks advancing on the bridge and firing away . opposition fighters had one tank of their own and returned the fire. our photographer was over the roof as a jet flow over and antiaircraft fire hit the jet. you can see the impact and the jet nose dived in a neighborhood in southern benghazi. that jet exploded in a ball of fire. there was a number of fires burning in benghazi this morning and many of the million residents who hadn't already left, left after the fighting began. the road behind me was choked with cars throughout the day. residents and little children and some of them leaving benghazi because of the violence. but we heard a lot of selabraatory gunfire and victory signs and rebel fighters heading in the other direction and saying they were not giving up the battle and
to date on the breaking news. the u.n. security council vote. the reaction in benghazi, we can show you right now, jubilation. people very, very excited. benghazi, this was the next -- the final giant battle that was going to be by gadhafi. will there still be an assault on benghazi or does this change the situation on the ground? owl aur reporters weigh in, coming up. there are a lot of questions out there about retirement. let fidelity help you find the answers. our investment professionals work with you to help you make the most of your retirement and enjoy the life you've saved for. fidelity investments. where leading companies and millions of people go to get the real answers they need. call today. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my
the rebel held city of benghazi, offering amnesty to those who surrender and no mercy to others. only hours after he warned foreign powers that any outside attack would trigger retaliation and destabilization of the region. but first, we turn to japan. where emergency workers are feverishly trying to cool down overheating fuel rods at the earthquake and tsunami-stricken nuclear plant. a u.n. nuclear official says the situation is "very serious." but appears to be stable. for now. the u.s. authorized the first evacuations of americans out of japan and president obama says he has asked for a comprehensive review of u.s. nuclear plant safety. correspondent greg palkot is in japan with the latest. >> reporter: there were desperate measures thursday in the fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern japan. helicopters doused water on overheating reactors to avoid a catastrophic core meltdown. the facility was sprayed down with more water from fire trucks. while authorities say there is some stabilization, they admit the method had little effect in reducing temperatures at the plant. others say even
has been reported at the rebel stronghold of benghazi despite a cease fire gadhafi ordered on friday. renls say they shot down a pro-gadhafi fighter jet. in paris, a crisis meeting will begin shortly to detail what kind of military action the international community may take. action could begin within hours of this meeting. we have a live report from the region. >>> we have big news from japan this morning. workers are making progress as they frant ickically attempt to rebuild power lines to the reactors and hope to re-establish power at the fukushima daiichi sometime today but even if power is restored it is not clear if the cooling pumps will work. meanwhile, the japanese government says spinach and milk taken from farms near the fukushima daiichi plant exceed safety limits for radiation. japan's chief cabinet secretary was quick to add it poses no immediately health risk. officials here in the u.s. saying testing along the west coast shows no health threats from the radiation spewing from the reactors in japan. they say the radiation that has reached the u.s. coastline has dissipa
toll from the tsunami continues to climb. >> i am in london. the other headlines. advancing on benghazi. they say they are closing in on the biggest stronghold. and the police and army move on the capital. >> welcome to tokyo, where it is now midday on thursday. the unfolding crisis at the fukushima plant continues, with more efforts to cool down the reactors. what they are doing is using chinook helicopters to drop sea water. they have been addressing the media, just about one hour ago. here is what was said. >> the two leaders talked to each other on the phone, from 10:22 a.m. to 10:52 a.m. president barack obama expressed symphony -- sympathy, and he also offered support, including support related to nuclear power plants and also mid-term and long-term rehabilitation initiatives. prime minister kan expressed gratitude to president obama for his support. the self-defense forces and police, all of those who are concerned are doing their best, and the prime minister can explain this to president obama. the people in charge of disaster relief and operations are doing their best, and also
really need to go r the opposition here in benghazi. but they have not come up with a solid single position, whether it's on the question of foreign intervention or the no-fly zone. just a few days ago, the city council of benghazi met to discuss the question of foreign involvement, possible military intervention in libya, and they voted almost unanimously against it. you do hear lots of individual libyans voicing support for some sort of strike against moammar gadhafi. one man said he would like to see a cruise missile launched on his palace. but there's no one single group speaking with one voice, making that kind of demand. perhaps individuals, but not as a single voice. >> nic robertson in tripoli right now. does it seem like there is a stalemate to you? it seems as if gadhafi has sort of, you know, organizing himself in tripoli, holding onto tripoli and then you obviously have the second largest city, benghazi, in opposition controlled hands. >> reporter: certainly you get the sense that there's a standoff at the moment. the towns just to the west and to the east is where the
, on the ground, a defiant qaddafi shoots back bowing a long war as rebels take rounds in benghazi. >> anxiety rises in quake ravaged japan as food and water show signs of nuclear contamination. >>> and staying connected, technology provide's lifeline for students trying to find loved ones in japan's disaster zone. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> good evening. a second wave of u.s.-led air attacks against libya is under way tonight as b2 bombers from the first wave return to their base in missouri late tonight. on the ground, u.s. aircraft attack libyan forces south of benghazi for the first time while muammar qaddafi remained defiant, calling nations allied against him the party of satan and vowing to fight inch by inch for his country. we have correspondents on the ground in libya and in washington with the latest and we begin with national security correspondent david martin at the pentagon. >> an unmanned reconnaissance zone takes off from sicily to survey the damage done by american missiles and bombs. an overhead photo shows what happened
in terms of a force from benghazi or elsewhere, and that seems given their lack of organization difficult to imagine at this stage. >> reporter: it does. it seems the government has the upper hand. we were driving back from the border today and the government took us to the border to see the situation there. as we drove back, we were mobbed for about six kilometers of people driving, coming out, waving, chanting for gadhafi, people literally standing in the front of our bus, stopping us from moving. i said to one of the government officials with us, i said, you know, you talk about al qaeda giving out drugs to people. these people are going so crazy here on the roads, literally crazy in front of us. somebody is giving them pills. the official said back to me jokingly, but i think this shows us underneath what government officials say, he said yes, they've been given happy pills. of course, he was joking. this show ascertain element of the regime here that they know change is coming. so though there's perhaps not going to be the rebels marching on the capital any time soon, when the tide t
an international coalition as it takes all necessary measures. >> the latest from benghazi shows tanks approaching the city have stopped as thick black smoke rises from the rebel stronghold this. i'm richard lui live in new york. reports this hour, french defense officials saying french fighter jets have fired on libyan military vehicles, that's what we understand now. we're just getting that in. meanwhile, secretary of state clinton saying that military action to enforce a security council resolution on libya has just begun. an intense aerial operation will soon start in libya. jim maceda is live in the stronghold of tripoli. jim? >> reporter: hi there, richard. yes, you just mentioned the breaking news. that could be the first volley of a -- a third war. this time perhaps not u.s. led but a third war against a muslim nation. significant indeed. it's going to be extremely interesting from our perch to listen to reports out of benghazi now. we've been following it fast and furious all day long. starting so early this morning, the -- despite the fact that there had been a declaration yesterday of a
force will oppose any aggression by colonel gadhafi against the population of benghazi. >> now, the french president went on to say that, in fact, gadhafi could still avoid the worst, also said that the diplomatic doors could be reopened if, in fact, gadhafi did what the u.n. resolution stated, which is to impose an immediate cease-fire and stop attacking libyan citizens. that he could still come back to the diplomatic table. our correspondent jill dougherty is in paris where she's been traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton. hello to you once again. what will the u.s. role be as it appears this no-fly zone and some actual u.n. intervention is taking place? >> reporter: right. well, it's easier to say in a sense what it won't be. and that is at this point, we understand that the uk, france and canada will be carrying out these first air strikes. and that you can already see that french planes are in the air. the u.s. provides critical support knocking out communications, coordinating, refueling, all sorts of very important thing to ensure that this mission is carried
heard this from the joint chiefs of staff, the military action around benghazi, the impetus for all of this, the idea that the rebellion was being encircled around benghazi and people were in great jeopardy there, that gadhafi forces had been stopped and there is no further military movement in that direction, that in part because of what the french did yesterday. put about 20 planes in the air. their role has been and will be the idea that they will do close air support for the rebels around the benghazi area. >> some u.s. military spokesmen and officers are saying significant process has already been made. potentially there is a no-fly zone already created. that is music to the ears of europeans, particularly those who have come to this party somewhat differently. >> we have heard about greece coming far, and offering bases to be used. some have been reluctant this came up very quickly. president sarkozy moved quickly after the summit meeting yesterday and as a consequence, i think people didn't really have a chance to formulate policy. i know that in one case, in denmark, waiting
. and there are also reports that qaddafi's forces are headed toward benghazi, the rebels' capital. david martin at the pentagon begins our coverage. david, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, harry. less than 24 hours after the u.n. security council passed that resolution authorizing air strikes against libya, president obama delivered an ultimatum to qaddafi. >> these terms are not subject to negotiation. if qaddafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences. and the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> reporter: the terms of the ultimatum are stark. >> a cease-fire must be implemented immediately. that means all attacks against civilians must stop. >> reporter: not only that, but qaddafi must order his troops to retreat from cities they have either taken or threatened to take from the rebels. >> qaddafi must stop his troops from advancing on benghazi, pull them back from ajdabiya, misurata, and zawiyah and establish water, electricity, and gas supplies to all areas. >> reporter: in other words, crede control of major citie
a clear policy on libya in his speech tonight? >>> good evening. i'm richard engle in benghazi, libya. i will be reporting with chris jansing in new york. chris? >> thank you so much, richard. welcome to the msnbc special. the mideast in crisis. tonight president barack obama delivered his defense of america's actions in libya. here's just a taste along with reaction. >> the international community offered gadhafi a final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences. >> when are they turn and ask for help, how do you say no? >> it intersects with practical possibilities. >> you can make a case for us intervening everywhere. we felt like we could. >> this is a new obama doctrine is that you act on threats. that's what george bush did. >> regime change. that's a policy of the united states and an incoherence that really matters. >> libya is not just about libya. all these are connected >> we cannot continue to keep going to war in the mideast every time there is a crisis there. >> can we afford it and trash our do most i agenda when they are taking over 50% of the discre
strikes, coalition tactical fighters hit the ground forces on the outskirts of benghazi. shown here is representation of coalition strikes against khadafy's ground maneuver forces ten miles south of benghazi. 15 u.s. air force and marine corps aircraft participated as well as from france and great britain. they were backed up by u.s. navy providing electronic warfare report. reports are coming in but we judge these to have been quite successful as halting the regime's ground movement. highlighted are still shots from the weapon systems video. benghazi is not complete safe from the attack but under less threat than it was yesterday and suffering from isolation and good deal of confusion. next slide, please. you can see here basically lay down of how we see the battle space today with the regime forces more pressed and less free to maneuver before operations commenced we now have the capability to patrol the airspace over libya, shifting to more consistent and persistent air presence. as the mullen reported, the no-fly zone is effectively in place. let me conclude, this is an internat
describes the operation so far. but he also sounds a warning. in benghazi, the rebels celebrate as the libyan military calls for an immediate cease-fire. allied forces say they'll wait and see if this time that promise is genuine. >>> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers watching on cnn networks around the world. this is a cnn special -- libya war. tonight we're live from five continents as we cover the military movements, the political back-and-forth and the diplomatic steps being taken against moammar gadhafi and his regime. here's what we know now. a senior official with coalition forces tells cnn allies targeted a building in moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli because it was connected to the command and control of libyan troops. there's no indication colonel gadhafi was inside the building. strikes on the north african nation are to continue despite calls by the libyan government for a stop to the fighting. allies don't trust gadhafi's forces will honor a cease-fire. >>> on sunday, some of those troops took a pounding in eastern lib
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